When your company needs help managing and monitoring your IT systems and networks, edgeWATCH provides a comprehensive network monitoring and management solution.


edgeWATCH: Network Management and Monitoring Services

For businesses with limited IT resources, edgeWATCH will manage your mission critical network services on a day to day basis to ensure unfailing performance. We can customize our computer monitoring software to meet your specifications and unique requirements.

edgeWATCH gives you a network “snapshot” that documents a wide range of conditions and concerns that, if left undetected and un-repaired, could cause significant downtime, expense and lost revenues.

For small to medium size businesses, edgeWATCH offers an affordable network performance optimization strategy that will pay for itself many times over.

With edgeWATCH, you get a network monitoring and management system capable of:

  • Allowing you to gain visibility and control over IT resources
  • Monitoring servers and PC’s that require 100% uptime
  • Immediate notification of issues as they occur
  • Automatic re-starting of failed applications
  • Watching over your network 24 hours a day
  • Checking and reporting hardware and software inventory
  • Managing assets
  • Managing processes and services on multiple computers
  • Removing malicious software such as viruses and spyware
  • Identify unauthorized software installations
Benefits of Network Performance Optimization With edgeWATCH

The edgeWATCH computer monitoring software system enables us or your own IT staff to monitor and manage your network in real time, from anywhere, with custom developed computer monitoring software that resides on its own dedicated hardware; so your valuable network resources will not be compromised.

edgeWATCH was developed using WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) which allows scripts to monitor and control resources throughout a network…meaning edgeWATCH runs unobtrusively.

In addition to all of these great capabilities, we can customize or add new features to the software at your request. No one else is providing this type of evolving software approach to network management and monitoring services in this segment of the market.

Two Ways to Discover edgeWATCH

For a cost effective monthly fee, we will provide you with our edgeWATCH network management and monitoring services. This includes professional reports summarizing our findings – an invaluable resource for Managers, Executives and IT personnel.

Alternatively, you can purchase the software outright by subscribing to a flexible site license – whichever option is most suitable for your needs.

Our Record

Edgetech Computing Inc has been in business since 1997 - over 20 years of professional technical expertise servicing the stringent demands of the corporate sector in Calgary. We have provided the edgeWATCH Network Management and Monitoring service at client sites in Western Canada, and as far away as Cairo, Egypt.

As a local service provider with a proven track record of corporate customer satisfaction, we can help you reach higher levels of network performance optimization.

Contact us today to learn more about how Edgetech’s innovative computer monitoring software services can help your business keep its edge.